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Topic: A Thankyou

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    A Thankyou

    Four months. It's amazing that it's been such a short amount of time. Four months since I first picked up GPO and entered the world of high quality digital samples, midi data tweaking, and mixing. While, of course, the original thankyou goes to my friend John for suggesting GPO to me in the first place, the big one is to the folks that created it and you guys, the community that's never missed a beat with staying enjoyable, constructive and all-around fun.

    While this thread is giving my own examples, I'm sure many people can relate to a similar story somewhere along the line.

    In the beginning part of 2005, before I discovered samples, I wrote a string quartet and a song for solo voice & violin: Roughly 8 minutes of music.

    Since picking up GPO, in these past four months I've written 16 new pieces: a total of 61 minutes of music.

    That alone could justify everything, but of course there's more. I've met some great people, heard other amazing pieces being crafted while people are curteous and always seeking to improve while not being derogitory. I've expanded to new and vastly different libraries, bringing back some exotic flavors that a typical orchestra doesn't encompass. I've begun learning how to mix and master my own work. The list could go on. Four months?

    It's of course only going to get better from here on out. And it already has. Stad just came out, to much critical acclaim, which unfortunately I haven't been able to afford yet. GPOA is lingering on the horizon. These are good times.

    And now, to close things out... In a rare fit of boredom today I put together a comparison track of two versions of the orchestral piece that won't die. I included four chunks of the piece, first with Sibelius playing Kontakt Silver sounds as I originally composed the piece... and then the final version featuring all my current sounds tweaked and edited in SONAR. A bit of a milemarker for me.

    AKL - Before & After


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    Re: A Thankyou

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Katze
    A bit of a milemarker for me.

    AKL - Before & After

    Yes it is Leif!
    you are having some fun now, I can tell!


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