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Topic: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

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    My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    Jerry Wickham wrote this little piece and sent me the score for my birthday. Since it's for guitar, I thought first about just recording my own playing, but low and behold there is some guy's 10-string guitar in JABB. You have to practically stand on my KX88 to get any aftertouch, so there is no vibrato, although probably a small amount in a few places might be appropriate.

    Thank you Jerry. I hope I didn't make too much of a mess of your little piece for you.

    The piece is entitled Little Passacaglia.



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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    And what a beautiful gift it is! Your rendition is superb! A truly lovely piece. I didn't miss the vibrato at all. A Happy Birthday indeed! Bravo!

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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    Well now aint dat perdy!

    Cool Jerry and Karl!

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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry


    HOLY COW! I love the JABB classical guitar. And I love this rendering - wow!

    I know a LOT of it is the fact that:
    1. It is you, a pro guitarist, programming it, and
    2. it is your guitar that was sampled to begin with
    Your dynamic and musical interpretations are WAY better than ANYTHING I could have come up with.

    I am glad you liked it enough to do anything with it. It is such a simple piece. I seem to have been drawn to writing pieces that are tonally and structurally simple these past two years.

    This sounds so much better than it does when I play it. Let's face it, I am no guitarist, I can barely play piano!

    Thank you Karl.
    And again, Happy Birthday.
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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry


    Very fine sound out of the JABB 10-string, too, I must say.


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    Thumbs up Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    First, this immediately brought me back to the summer NAMM where Karl and I had the pleasure to walk around and take in the guitar booths. Karl picked up guitars here and there and played. All I have to say is if you ever meet Karl and he plays for you, it will be a treat you will cherish forever!
    Jerry, absolutely beautiful!

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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    Jerry and Karl - wonderful - wonderful! Very nice piece and well, now I must learn how to write for giutar because the programming sounds great!



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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    I listened to this last night and this morning. It is amazing. The rendering is gorgeous and the composition is simple but appealing. What a great birthday gift, Karl. BTW Happy Birthday.

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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry


    This was a wonderful arrangement. Although simplistic in appearance it's captivating.

    I'm sure there will be some guitar purists here who may take my head off for my next sentence but…
    I think this work would merit an accompaniment. Stings, and oboe perhaps?

    Great work!


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    Re: My Little Birthday Gift from Jerry

    For Jerry W:

    A fine gift for a fine fellow..........

    Jack Cannon
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