Hey guys,
A little computer related question for you if you don't mind.
I'll get right down to the nuts and bolts of it.(after typing I guess not).
I've been using my Asus A8V Deluxe for a few months now and have GS3 and Sonar running on it with a Tascam Fw 1884. It's been ok, I had been a Logic PC hold out at 5.51 but really wanted a control surface so it's been a slow migration over to Sonar being busy!
I now noticed in the Device manager that I had my Raid card, Uad-1 card, my Agp matrox G450 and my OnBoard Firewire all sharing the same IRQ.
So I switched the Uad-1 Card and the Raid Card into different PCI slots and they are on separate IRQ's now, Thanks Phil Okeefe..
However the Matrox and the firewire controller still share the same IRQ # 16... It says in the Asus manual that there are 4 INT settings, A, B, C or D. INT A makes the AGP slot and the Onboard Firewire share IRQ's . If I could figure out how to get it to INT B I'd have everything Audio related on their own IRQ. I've just heard that some people have been getting extremely low latency settings with the FW 1884( like a buffer setting of 64 and recording 20 track of audio plugs etc.! I can't even do 10! Yes I have Raid 0 array for audio, 1 sata drive for samples and another sata for impulse's and BFD! Tweaked for audio as well!
Does anyone know where on the Mobo or Bios you can change (Pg 2-16 of the A8 series manual) INT's???
I left an email on the Asus forum too!
Weird, looking at the mobo and the schematic, I don't see it anywhere, or through the bios...
Thanks for any thoughts.