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Topic: Trill in Alto Sax

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    Trill in Alto Sax

    I have a piece of music that at two points have two alto saxes doing a half-step trill at the same time - more often than not, it spikes the CPU causing ProTools LE 7.0 to stop playback, plus I just haven't been able to make it sound like a trill. I haven't found a trill articulation that would help out.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this - I know it's not a "problem" with J&BB, but rather with how it's being used - help me figure out how to use it, will someone?

    Mark McDowell

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    Re: Trill in Alto Sax

    Since I'm bored and lonely on Saturday night, I ran across this...

    Make sure that you engage Legato mode via the Sustain Pedal (CC#64) before doing a trill. Otherwise the attacks will be too slow.

    Then you just need fast fingers to make it work.

    There's no trill articulation. As to the CPU spikes, that's unfortunately a bit of Black Magic with your sound card settings and host latency: I can't help much there!

    - m
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