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Topic: Gigastudio 3 and New Motherboards

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    Gigastudio 3 and New Motherboards


    I'll be installing two new computers to run Giga 3 this afternoon and am concerned because the motherboards (Asus P5GD1-VM) has on-board video. Will this slow down or otherwise cause problems with Gigastudio? I have 2 gigabytes of memory in each system, but in the past I've always used AGP for video.

    I hope there won't be a problem as that means I will have to swap motherboards! Any comments?

    Jerry Gerber

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 and New Motherboards

    I'd be more concerned that it only has 100baseT ethernet

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 and New Motherboards

    Jerry, what was the result? The onbaord video can do a couple of things. It eats up the 2gigs of RAM you have installed. Also, it can affect the IRQ and PCI bandwith if you are using PCI audio interface and/or PCI or onboard ethernet. IF you have an add-on video card, disable the onboard video in the BIOS. The same goes for the onboard ethernet. If you are using 100bits per second ethernet (Fast ethernet) with MOL, Wormhole, GigaTeleport, etc., then you may find the speed limiting. Go with Gigabit ethernet.

    By the way, I only respond with information I have gathered via extensive research on the internet.

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