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Topic: White Grand user input.

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    White Grand user input.


    I see that Sampletekk has a a great sale going on. I usually dont purchase products on impulse however I read on Sampletekk's website about the White Grand, especially for conteporary music and it has grabbed my interest.

    As a White Grand user, can you tell me more about this piano. Is there a website that has reviewed this piano? Bruce Richardson, I saw your post in the Group Buy site, and you touched briefly on each Piano on sale. I found it very informative.

    Could you expand a little about the White Grand?

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    Re: White Grand user input.

    There's a playable demo (two octaves) of the White Grand on the Sampletekk site. Take's some time to download, but IMHO that's the best way when you want to form an opinion on the piano.

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    Re: White Grand user input.

    you have a review here (may 2004):

    I use it, and I'm very happy with it. Very effective in a pop rock mix, as everybody says. Played alone, it also gives a lot of pleasure, thank's to it's dynamic/expressiveness. It's not only to play "battery" with your piano. Adjusting well your keyboard (and trying alternate patches or playing with your sampler dynamic / mapping) you can also play delicate pieces, as pp-mf range has rounder tones. Lot of caracter but still versatile in its style.

    If you use K2, you can try Kornel script with it (http://music.mezo.com/). IMO it is one of the piano that benefits the most from the script (maybe because of his bright caracter).

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