i have now a p4 2.4 GHz with asus p4b533 (FSB533) with 1 GB of ram at 233 speed (PC2100), with a cramware pulsar 1 audio card.
i will switch to a new pc soon (i hope), and i will buy a asus p4c800-e deluxe with a 3GHz northwood processor.
i will buy 2GB RAM, because now in largest project i am very close to the 1GB limit.
the RAM choice is not easy.
i have found that one of the fastest PC3200 RAM is the corsair twinX 2048-3200C2, which has a CAS latency of 2.
i have visited also other productor sites (kingston, crucial...) but they all sell CAS 3 ram.

will the CAS2-CAS3 difference bring some performance enhancement in my system, regarding GPO polyphony, or will it be more or less the same?
having to choose, would be better to buy a faster processor (3.4GHz) with CAS3 memory or a slower processor (3GHz) with CAS2 memory? will the polyphony be higher in the first or in the second case?
i don't use a lot of VST effects or VST synths beside kontakt2 and GPO.