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Topic: How does one tell ...

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    Question How does one tell ...

    how much is running (taking up CPU), what should be running and what one can "turn off" in the task manager in order to have better control when using your DAW? I have 48 processes showing in my task manager but I am not versed at how to tell what's doing what? Seems like an awful amount to be running (if it is running) at one time. Mostly AOL stuff I have no clue what it's for. Someday, Bang! Zoom! Right in da kissa! Ya know what I mean thar 'ol bean?
    Thanks for any help. ANY?

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    Re: How does one tell ...

    Search the Internet for Tweaking XP for audio (assuming you have XP). One site currently under construction but cached is Black Viper at:

    Another tweak site is: http://www.musicxp.net/

    You are on your own and your mileage may vary with any tweaks. Some people claim these settings do not make much difference with XP.

    One setting to definitely make is:

    Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Advanced

    Set Processor Scheduling to Background Services.



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