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Topic: GPO Second Edition: Multis

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    GPO Second Edition: Multis

    I got GPO SE for xmas

    I found out about GPO through reading (online) a Sound on Sound Magazine review from 2004, therefore like some other buyers I have come across in the forum I wasn't expecting the new SE version in its DVD format and didn't realise that certain components of the original package were no longer available e.g. Overture SE.
    This is not a problem for me as I use Cubase SX3 for sequencing, but I was surprised to find no indication of the differences listed as a readme on the DVD.
    It also seems as though the directory structure of the instruments in the library has changed over time either via updates or the SE release.
    My library does not have the option to select wet or dry versions of the instruments and it has no multis.
    On page 63 of the manual it lists these patches and says "these multis are not included in the finale version of the software as they are unnecessary".
    I was hoping to load up a few of the multis as a quick way of getting to know the sounds in the library.
    If they are not in the Second Edition library by default is it possible to download the multi patches anywhere else?


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    Re: GPO Second Edition: Multis

    As I recall, the wet versions just had some ambience/hall acoustics but were a ram hog. The samples are exactly the same in the dry version. Just use the existing instruments and add your own ambience/convilution or whatever.


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    Re: GPO Second Edition: Multis

    The Wet versions were removed because it was causing too many support calls. Many people were having high CPU issues and this was caused by loading the Wet versions. Each wet version loads it's own reverb and wasn't sharing a common reverb which ate up CPU.

    I've never used the multis in the library. I just load the VST plugin in my sequencer and then add the instruments I need. Then save the sequence and it will remember all the VST's you load in. I have a few basic orchestra templates I use and find this works better than messing around with multis.


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