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Topic: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

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    Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    This was one of my first compositions (1st year of college) and also one of my first GPO projects last summer. Nonetheless I still think it's nice to listen to. Hope to revisit it someday now that I'm more comfortable in GPO...

    Chanson (Woodwind quintet) <1/16: see update version below>

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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    That's very nice! Pleasant listening. Good job! Enjoyed it! Smooth instrument blend.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    Very nice woodwind writing indeed! I too enjoyed this very much. Very soothing. Great work, you acheived a beautiful balance between the instruments.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    Very fine woodwind sound, blend, and writing in this, Dargason!

    Excellent piece; enjoyed listening to it.


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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, both here and in chat last Friday. You inspired me to take another crack at it. I added appropriate panning, humanized the tempo a bit (Finale TempoTap) and adjusted some balance and phrasing things. Quite a bit better I think!

    Chanson 2

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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    Delightful! I just loved this - the balance/mix of all these woodwinds instruments was wonderful.

    I am not sure which version I have - it doesn't matter. The one I have sounds great. I liked the reverb too - what was it?


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    Re: Chanson (another Spring Song!)

    Glad you liked it... the reverb is Sonitus (default settings, fiddled a little with the dry/wet mix).

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