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Topic: Installing Convolution in Giga3

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    Smile Installing Convolution in Giga3


    I installed Giga3 for the first time last night but when I try to insert a convolution instance into an insert on a DSP channel, I get a message saying certain files are not loaded, see the setup disk, and it asks for some files or folders. But I cannot find those files or folders on the setup disk, I also checked 3 other content disks.

    The manual doesn't seem to contain the information regarding this message.

    Any help is appcrciated!


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    Re: Installing Convolution in Giga3

    Hello again!

    Don't need help with this! I reinstalled the content without the application, the first installation was minus the content.


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    Question Re: Installing Convolution in Giga3

    I'm back again. Installed content but Gigastudio crashes or says files are still missing when I insert GigaPulse into a channel. I went into system settings already and told it what directory to find the files in, but something isn't working.

    Has anyone encountered such a problem?


    Jerry Gerber

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    Re: Installing Convolution in Giga3

    Never mind, got it installed correctly.

    Still want to know exactly which file types are linked to the convolution presets that came with the program. I think there's more than one type..


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