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Topic: Dino Instinct

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    Dino Instinct

    Greetings All,

    Just thought i'd introduce myself on this fine forum - by announcing the Half-Life 2 mod i'm involved in, Dino Instinct. While I will obviously participate in this forum on a much larger capacity - mentioning the mod seemed the easiest place to start. The mod itself takes the existing Source engine and we aim to produce a 3rd person-perspective Dinosaur action game as shown in this shot:


    I'm working both as sound designer and composer on this project and would to hear some input on my work so far. My intial music plan was to steer away from the themes of John Williams put forward in his great work on Jurassic Park, yet still retain some of the majestic aspects of his work.

    Main Theme
    Dinosaur Graveyard

    T-Rex Canyon
    Herbivore Parade

    As for sfx - it's been a long road developing and researching techniques, but I've found that granular resynthesis is a major part in the way cinematic dino sounds are created.

    T-Rex 01
    T-Rex 02

    Again, any pointers would be most appreciated!

    Thank You Kindly,

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    Re: Dino Instinct

    You can also visit my portfolio site @ www.robertpriceportfolio.co.uk


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