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Topic: Violin Masterclasses on Line

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    Lightbulb Violin Masterclasses on Line

    Bosco posted an interesting site for violin technic didactic and samples of performance style. look the original thread and my comments:


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    Re: Violin Masterclasses on Line

    There is also a book by Samuel Adler called "The study of orchestration" published by Norton. This is comprehensive on all instruments and contains lots of details on the violin techniques bowing etc - and all other instruments. The book is accompanied by a DVD (at extra cost) which has videos of players demonstrating the techniques, and excerpts from famous passages using the techniques. More than this there is a workbook for students (I bought this but didn't use it personally) and an instructors manual.

    The orignal book is my bible, better than the opposition in my opinion because of the library of actual sounds which is indespensible to using the text - you can hear what Adler is referring to.

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