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Topic: Re-installing Gigastudio

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    Question Re-installing Gigastudio

    I've just bought a new machine and installed GS3 on it.

    The machine immediately turned out to be something of a mess. The manufacturer (one of these firms who put together machines specially for music, and charge the earth for their supposed expertise) had fiddled about with Windows at a very low level, as well as massively overtweaking. The result was BSODs every two minutes. I couldn't even use explorer - just trying to explore a CD-ROM caused complaints about IRQs, Page Errors and invalid pool headers.

    After a frustrating few hours trying to move the contents of 1 sample disc onto a hard drive I decided to rebuild Windows.

    In the process I altered a coule of things. The manufacturer claimed to have turned off the floppy in the BIOS, but hadn't, with the result that I noticed Windows was convinced the machine had one. So I disabled that. Also Hyperthreading was left on, and I've now turned it off.

    Are these things going to alter the request code generated by GS or should I still be OK with my back up registration?

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    Re: Re-installing Gigastudio

    If you re-installed Windows it might mess with your registration code. I'm not sure. Messing with tweaks and enabling/disabling features should have no effect.


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    Cool Re: Re-installing Gigastudio

    Thanks Jon. I went ahead and tried, and you were right - I believe reinstalling Windows had altered the way GS saw the machine, and my backup didn't work. Fortunately I didn't seem to have any problem getting another Registration Code from Tascam.

    Everything is now installed, apparently stable (so far) and I'm happy.

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