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Topic: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

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    VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    Okay, I'm thinking about scraping my pennies together over the next few months and expanding my palette. I currently use GPO, and am satisfied as far as it goes, but of course after you've been using something for awhile, you end up wanting more. So I've been looking around at the other orchestra libraries and noticed that 2 of them have a legato feature (VSL and QLegato).

    I've listened to a bunch of demos, and from what I've been able to hear, there seems to be more legato in the VSL demos than the QLegato demos. Am I hearing this right? Anyone have opinions on which legato is better and more realistic? And I don't know how either company developed their legato technology, but I guess that's a secret of whatever.

    Any opinions on this? I think a really good legato will be more important to me than most other factors.


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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    It´s clear that VSL legato is much better...but I suggesnt you to know what you really need/want before spending your money with other stuff!!!
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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    VSL legato is a sample of a true legato. Qlegato is actually a recording of a leggiero articulation. It's really not legato at all.

    Both articulations are important. I just feel that qlegato is misnamed.


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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    "Leggiero"? What's a leggiero articulation? Never heard of that one.


    P.S. Where did you hear that this was a leggiero articulation? (Sorry for all the questions.)

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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    Leggiero means leasurely and it's a light attack. It's marked with a tenuto mark over the note.

    When Nick explained qlegato and how it was achieved I realized then that what he really captured was a leggiero attack and not legato.


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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    That's interesting, Ars. You learn something new everyday I guess. Thanks.

    So based on what I'm reading here, and based on what I've heard from the demos, VSL has a true legato that sounds like it should, and QLegato is a fake legato. There's a guy in my Scientology group that has a big midi setup and he's pretty religious about VSL and their legato, but I'm trying to get more varied input here before I make my final decision. Sounds like more people are agreeing with him so far.

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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    Quote Originally Posted by Olen
    ....about VSL and their legato, but I'm trying to get more varied input here before I make my final decision. Sounds like more people are agreeing with him so far.
    Legato isn't the be all and end all. That's something you should know right away. This had been talked about loads of times here, so I won't go into it again.

    Where you are now quite lucky (that could be a moot point btw) - is that you would getting into VSL from scratch so to speak. This means you would be getting the new VI. Importantly, you would be getting the NEW repetition tool - that's probably more useful than any legato. The old tool was an unsable nightmare and the new VI seems to make this old chestnut far more bearable.

    I would go for one of the new VI packages, like say brass or strings to start off with if you take the VSL route - and see what that's like before committing to massive gigs of material.

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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    If legato is your only consideration and need, I think vsl is by far the best choice

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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    @ PaulR:

    Yes, legato isn't everything or the only thing, but I write lots of music with slurs...

    And yes, if I go the VSL route, which I am leaning towards, I will have to do it incrementally, as I have not yet won the lottery and am but a poor student.

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    Re: VSL Legato vs. QLegato

    To my ear the VSL legato is far superior to the EWQLSO one. I own EWQLSO Gold, but not the XP upgrade with Qlegato. I listened to the demos to decide whether to get it and wasn't impressed at all - I either couldn't hear what they meant by legato, or I could just hear it but it didn't sound at all natural.

    Whereas there's no doubt when listening to the VSL legato that it is something altogether different from the way other sample libraries work, and it really captures a true sense of legato with unprecedented naturalness. (I don't own VSL - I'm going by the demos).

    I would almost go so far as to suggest that Qlegato was a rather rushed, half-arsed solution cobbled together "after the fact" (ie, it was not part of the original EWQLSO design concept, and had to then be bolted onto it in a way that didn't quite work) purely so that East-West could claim they have SOME kind of legato solution, and thereby escape falling behind in the race for features between them and VSL.

    OTOH I would agree with the post above, that legato is only one of the factors to take into consideration in a sample library, and you should think carefully before making such an expensive decision just on that basis. The way these things tend to work is that a feature is introduced by one company first, is hailed as revolutionary and attracts a very high price premium. Then over (usually a quite short period of) time, others jump on the bandwagon, develop the concept and do it (a) better and (b) cheaper. I wouldn't be surprised if several other orchestral libraries come out with great legato solutions in the near future, or if the scripting in Kontakt or the iMidi in Giga 3 develops to the point of rendering them unnecessary.

    Of course you can only buy what exists now, so by all means if VSL is the best solution for you, then go for it. I'd just be wary of attaching too much weight to any one feature. This technology moves pretty fast, and you can spend a lot of money to gain an advantage that very soon starts to look faded.

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