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Topic: End credits

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    Post End credits

    I just wanna know what do you think about...
    This song is dedicated to Neil Factory.

    End credits - a mix of different songs coming from different parts of a movie soundtrack!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: End credits

    One of the best things I've heard from you, very good! I would call it "Ohrwurm", I hope "catchy tune" means the same...!

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    Re: End credits

    What ? No more comments for this wonderfull music !
    Open your ears mates

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    Re: End credits

    Lovely indeed!


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    Senior Member Nigel W's Avatar
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    Cologne, Germany

    Re: End credits

    ......very nice, especially the "bonus" moody second part!

    Would you care to share a little info about the instruments and the mix?- that would be interesting!



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    Thumbs up Re: End credits

    Excellent job Roberto, I think it will become a very popular thread for a while...

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    Thumbs up Re: End credits

    Dear Roberto,

    This score is as good as any I have heard on the big screen. You should be very proud. Absolutely lovely! 5 stars!

    All the best,
    Francis B

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    Re: End credits

    These are good scores and you programmed them very well. What libraries did you use?


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    Smile Re: End credits

    Thank you very much to all!!
    This piece has been made (as usual for me) with EWQLSO Gold and EWQLSC programmed exclusively in Finale 2005 using K2 in standalone mode.
    Then the first and the last tracks have been mixed with choirs one in Adobe audition!

    I am glad you like, perhaps I am always afraid to bore someone with this kind of music...

    Mxolydian, David, Jay, Nigel and TJL a big thank you

    Well, Fabio thank you very much for your advises!!! (your advises are always the best!!)
    Hey Francis thanks a lot!!! Glad you like it, when I will buy Giovani (hope soon) I will compose something for you!! thanks!!

    best to you all,

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    Re: End credits

    Good music never bores...........

    and a fine tribute to Neil Factory too.


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