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Topic: Looking for strings?

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    Question Looking for strings?

    I'm looking for strings to complete my collection, i'm mosly looking for good sustain strings, i'm a little disapointed whit EW and VSL sustain articulations and i heard someone mentioning SISS were the best for sustain, whitch got me back to there demo section and i have to admit, i was very impress.
    The full version as 6 to 8 sec. samples and the sound seems just perfect, not dry, not to far, right where i want theme. They seem to be the only sustain that has life to it and they sounded very professional. Can anyone confirm this? and do you think the mini version would do the same for sus.? Is there anything i should know regarding this lib, is it getting old? Is there some tuning issue, although i dought it, the Boston pop seems to be very pro., i just had a bad experience latly regarding tuning, sorry to ask.

    I'll be mixing SISS whit VSL Opus + ewso XP, any body tryed this already?
    Do you think i can get the same result whit VSL opus + VSL CH. strings?

    Sorry for all the question but i want to get this right.


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    Re: Looking for strings?

    The Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings are among the very best of the best, for sure.

    The small section sizes are nice--they allow some individual tone to peek out, and they have a nice range of expression. I'm not sure about the mini version, someone would have to comment about that. The full version is excellent. I find that they are almost always my go-to first choice. I also like layering them with VSL strings. It is a nice complementary relationship, and it adds some serendipity to the layer transitions.

    They are also very playable, which is nice. Even the legatos move from note to note very well.

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    Re: Looking for strings?

    Thank you Bruce,

    I'm very happy to hear that about the mixing whit VSL and all, and the smaller section, i didn't know about that ,... and surendipipy sounds good although i don't know what it means? Do you care to translate(explain)? i still haven't found my dictionnary up there in the big mess.

    I assume you're talking about the giga3 version right?

    HAAaaa! this is just what i needed to here, Thanks alot!


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    Re: Looking for strings?

    The Mini strings are excellent also...I upgraded mine to take advantage of the GS3 features....I suggest getting the mini and if your not satisfied, you can always upgrade to the full version...the strings mix well with just about anything.....

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    Re: Looking for strings?

    Sonic Implants Strings - the secret weapon that nobody talks about much. THis is the go-to lib for out of the box, no tweaking, ready to go, good basic strings. Articulations are limited in the lib I have, but they still seem to always give what's needed.


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    Re: Looking for strings?

    Woaw! That's great knews, secret weapon, i like the sound of that.

    Thanks Bmusic and thanks Joanne.

    Sonic Implants,...me voila!

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