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Topic: Mac vs PC, for high end music applications????

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    Mac vs PC, for high end music applications????


    I'm new to music tech. I'm a composer and will no longer be scratching out and scribbling and ripping out pages and using tape, etc.

    Quite a few composers I've spoken with online are using PC for running their high end sounds libraries, and such.

    However, I've heard from many that instead of PC, "Macs are the only way to go" for music software applications; that they "are built for the sort of thing" and music applications "run more smoothly on a Mac", for reasons that number the following as one: "Mac OS is freebsd" etc.

    I don't care if the reason is that they have a better looking interface, a more userfriendly way of doing commands and the look, etc. Only concerned with practical operation to justify the greater expense. For my basic purposes, would not the softwares availible for only Mac, have the same time for PC, in which case Gigastudio is only for PC, as a plus for using PC.

    Can someone please tell me why people CURRENTLY say this and if this is at all true in any realistic sense? :round1:
    ....mac vs pc

    btw, I will be posting this second part in a different thread but ill put it in here as a second question:

    Since I only want to use the computer to write my compositions into a notation software AND to produce excellent demos of the scores using high end, full sounds libraries, what would you recommend:
    -RAM; # of processors and hard-drives; etc?
    -Recommended sounds library [I, so far, really like Opus 1/Vienna Symphonic]?
    -any other software, outside of the notation software, Gigastudio, and the sounds library?

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    Re: Mac vs PC, for high end music applications????

    You can use either a Mac or a PC. I know plenty of people that make great music on PCs and plenty on Macs. What's more important is the software you're using. Decide what software you want to use, then get the compter that runs it best. Such as, I like logic, hence I run a Mac.

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