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Topic: GSIF2

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    On the Hardware compatibility list on the tascam website there is a column for GSIF2 compatibility and also one for 'Kernel Level MIDI Integration'.

    Can someone explain the difference to me because I thought they were the same thing.

    Some cards are listed as having both these qualities, and some just GSIF2.

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    Re: GSIF2

    I think it may relate to I-Midi support in the midi driver. I have a Tascam US122 which is listed as GSIF2 but has a dash in the kernel-level midi support. When I use it with GS3 it does display a separate set of low latency midi ports, so it definitely doesn't lack that performance feature. Maybe it's lacking I-midi support but I don't have any libraries that use that feature so I'm just guessing.


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    Re: GSIF2

    All MIDI ports can benefit from iMIDI (round robin, auto-legato, etc.)

    GSIF has three aspects: audio in, audio out and MIDI in. Here's the breakdown:

    Audio in: This is new for GSIF-2. GSIF-1 didn't support this feature. You can now route your audio through GigaPulse and the rest of the GS3 audio chain.

    Audio out: This was supported in GSIF-1. There is no change here for GSIF-2.

    MIDI in: Traditionally MIDI signals come in at the kernel level, bounce up the the app level, and then bounce back down to GS3's kernel level processing. GSIF-2 adds a new spec for kernel level processing. In this case the MIDI comes in at the kernel level and goes directly to GS3's kernel level processing. This offers lower latency. There are no feature differences between "normal" midi inputs and GSIF-2 midi input. The only advantage is lower latency.

    I hope this is clear and helpful...


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    Re: GSIF2

    Just to add to Jon’s lucid reply: The only MIDI interfaces that support the GISF-2 spec are ones combined with an audio interface (that are also GSIF-2 compliant on the audio side, obviously). You can’t mix the two types of MIDI, unfortunately.

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    Re: GSIF2

    Thanks guys for the replies, but I'm still not quite there.

    If a card is listed as having GSIF2 and 'Kernel Level MIDI Integration', what can it do that a card with only GSIF2 cannot? Is it the i-midi support that Howard suggested?


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    GSIF2 and USB

    Hello ,

    What think about midi port emulate in USB interface ?

    Can obtain a benefite with GSIF2 compatible card in this conditions ?


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    Re: GSIF2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Vance
    If a card is listed as having GSIF2 and 'Kernel Level MIDI Integration', what can it do that a card with only GSIF2 cannot? Is it the i-midi support that Howard suggested?
    An 'only GSIF2' card with traditional MIDI can do everything that a 'Kernel Level MIDI Integration' card can do. The only difference is that the latter will have lower latency.


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    Re: GSIF2

    Just to second Bill's and Jon's comments....

    Kernal-level MIDI in GSIF2 is only available for sound cards that include MIDI ports on the same physical device. So if your MIDI ins/outs are not built in to your actual soundcard (as they are on my Tascam US-422), you will not be able to take advantage of the lower latency provided by Kernal-level MIDI.
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    Re: GSIF2

    The main reason I asked this question was because I noticed the cheaper audiophile2496 card was listed as having gsif2 but not 'kernel level midi integration' whereas the echo mia midi had both. Having the lowest latency possible is important to me so I was keen to know if the 2496 had this kernel level midi.

    Since the 2496 has midi ports on the same physical device surely it should also have 'kernel level midi integration'.

    Now I know that the Tascam hardware list is not necessarily accurate and up to date, so maybe the 2496 does actually (now) have kernel level midi.

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    Re: GSIF2

    Only M-Audio would know for sure...

    One caution with the MIA - it doesn't work with the Asus A8V-Deluxe mobo. Other than that, it's a great card. It has balanced I/O, so it's cleaner than the 2496. (The Audiophile 192 is also balanced.) If you're monitoring only, maybe it's not a huge deal. If you record live stuff, I'd go balanced.


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