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Topic: Still Kicking Myself for Missing LPC GB! Studio B?

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    Still Kicking Myself for Missing LPC GB! Studio B?

    Because in Oct., I had the Real Guitar demo, fell in love, and wanted to get in under the wire for the free upgrade to RG2. Not enough $$$ to do both.

    Now it's Jan., and it turns out I could have purchased LPC clean, as the RG2 release apparently won't happen until after NAMM, and the free upgrade path to V2 is still going on, more than two months after the original announced release.

    But here's my admittedly convoluted question: Over the years, since discovering Mahler, Verdi, Beethoven, and Mozart, I kind of lost interest in rock music. Recently, however, I had the chance to experience on DVD the Cream reunion at Royal Abert Hall, and it was- well- stunning.

    And now I have the crazy idea of initiating a project, working with samples, using nothing but a trio of bass, drums, and electric guitar, and explore how far I can take it.

    A while back I offered an opinion about generating electric guitar from a midi keyboard, and was gently and tactfully chastised by one of the power folks around here as being ignorant and stupid. His comments stung me a little bit, but since he was absolutely correct, no offense was taken. Based on what I said, I deserved the response I got.

    But I'm not totally naive. I know that the idea of articulating like Clapton on my Evo MK- 461C is utterly preposterous. Yet this doesn't mean that I can't pursue something worthwhile using this medium.

    I purchased Guitar Rig 1 on blowout special from audiomidi.com, and I'm playing around with guitars/basses/drums from JABB, K2, and the NS free drum kit.

    Would something like Studio B be a major upgrade? Or should I just save my pennies and get LPC? LD sounds really cool, but I want to create my own effects from a clean source. Any thoughts on the matter of how a keyboard player might generate an art rock trio would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Still Kicking Myself for Missing LPC GB! Studio B?

    LPC looks good. NSfree drumkit is great. If you want a little more with drums then get the full NS set or BFD or DFH superior or Larry Seyer drums. But, I did a swing piece with the NSfree one and those drums are really good. Those are all good.

    In the bass department trilogy bass rocks.

    And, don't let people around here discorage you. Mostly people just dramatize their own failures when they criticize too harshly.



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