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Topic: How many Vi's Do you use on your pc ?

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    How many Vi's Do you use on your pc ?

    Hi all
    I use an imac g5 1.8 on osx10.3.9 running digital performer use a few plug-ins on the mac

    stylus 1.5
    Reason 3 ( i know it isnt a plug in )

    I had a pc built to run Gigastudio 3 and have been using it as a sampler essentially ..

    question is I was thinking of adding other apps to the pc.. but a friend who does scoring said that he wouldnt do that .. I have the M- audio audiophile card in there... is there any reason why I shouldnt add other apps to this .. or is the soundcard the prob for ouput of multiiple VI s ? I know one person uses V stack with multiple apps on one pc and acceses it through midi to her mac..

    so what do you guys think ?

    imac G5
    17 inch screen
    1.6 ghz processsor
    OSX 10.4.8
    Titanium Powerbook 1 Ghz
    Dp 5.1
    Stylus RMX 1.5
    Reason 3
    Live 5
    PC with Gigasampler


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    Re: How many Vi's Do you use on your pc ?

    GIGA studio is well know to run better on a dedicated pc, on it's own.
    Also giga is not VST so you wont be able to run it in V-stack, giga is now rewire but i would not recomend that either, although i didn't try it myself.

    It looks like you're gonna need another pc or mac?

    Good luck!

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