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Topic: Musically, what do you write?

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    Musically, what do you write?

    I admit, I'm more of a reader than a contributor on this forum. Mostly because my limited knowledge regarding the the bread and butter of synthesis and various other detailed subjects discussed here (i.e. regarding specific hardware/software scenarios). But as much as I've learned on this forum, I still don't feel like I have a good idea of how many members use their tools and for what purpose.

    Personally, I enjoy writing songs with a beginning, middle, and end. My intention in writing/composing/creating my own music (aside from being my life hobby and adored passion) was to, say, someday submit my music for others to sing and use on the radio. Basically, I write the music, someone else gets famous, I just get the name credit and a check. Wishful thinking at it's best, no doubt.

    But what I've noticed the most lately is that the majority of the people strive to compose music (or are currently composing music) for movies, or small independent films and events. I was just wondering if I was in the minority of people on this board that wrote music that ended between 3 and 5 minutes. I'm still contemplating setting up a broadjam account as I'm worried about people stealing material but .. I guess sooner or later you have to put yourself out there, or else nothing will come. I'll be submitting a few pieces to the john lennon songwriting contest this week. Anyone submitted anything to that in the past?

    ok, i'll end my long winded post that didn't really go anywhere now.

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    Hi Ceasefire,
    I don't think you're in a minority at all. In fact I'm betting that most musicians would love to have albums of their music out there with no attachment to films. Certainly none of my students have any interest in multimedia, because they see all the glory being in Rrrroccckkk!!!

    But by the very nature of this forum you're going to find a lot of film composers and wannabe(that's me) film composers. The forum started as a place to discuss sample libraries. Since samples haven't yet reached the stage of sounding like live performance, but are eminently suitable for mock-ups (particularly of music where the composer can't possibly play all the parts - e.g. orchestral music), then you're going to find a lot of people here working in genres that require mock-ups.

    Nowadays there is a lot more general chit-chat about all aspects of music technology on the forum, but that doesn't mean that other tech-heads have migrated here - there are other forums that cover general music tech much more thoroughly. This is still a forum of sample-heads who occasionally discuss VSTs or microphones when the need arises.

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I'm still a jingle geek....

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    computer games mostly

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I write primarily for the theatre... so I do write a lot of 3-5 minutes songs too when it comes to musicals and cabaret performances.

    On a side note, DO NOT let people know you are using samples. A very close producer friend of mine knew I just bought the Pro Edition, and his respond was... "wooooow", which translates as "I will never ever need to hire live musicians for you".

    I still enjoy writing for the real things hehe.


    PS, have you tried myspace.com?
    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I write usually for a 5 piece ensemble: cello, ac guitar, ac. bass, piano, percussion and occassionaly clarinet and eng. horn.

    I use samples to compose and mock it up before printing out notation for people.

    No soundtracks here.


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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I am a singer/songwriter. http://www.GlennGalen.com

    Acoustic to progressive rock. But lyrics are key.

    Started performing in clubs and coffeehouses back in 1973. Now I am in the studio, and am just beginning to create a word-of-mouth following worldwide, thanks to the Internet, MP3 players and website streaming. But it is slow.

    --- Glenn in Minneapolis

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I compose (electronical) music as a hobby.
    I like the compositional act in itself, but I must admit that I like positive
    feedback from people hearing my music as well

    I don't need money from making music, so I have the freedom to
    do whatever I like (and I do strange things sometimes )


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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    Hi there,
    movie music makers are hiding...

    Another songwriter / singer here (huuh, yes, french songs... John Lennon contest is not for me)

    I use samples for mock-up, but I find it so time consuming...
    Now I'm concentrating back on piano/voice performance, so I'm pretty much after piano samples ...

    I will probably produce an album, and I'm still thinking of partly using samples (mainly for cost effectiveness). I'm quite amazed by what I can get from piano / drums (occasionaly bass) samples for instance, played midi live with the proper controler / musician (compared with a good-but-expensive live accoustic studio take). For guitars, no way, I will still need some true strings...

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    Re: Musically, what do you write?

    I write scores for film, television,and theatre, but these are all usually made up of smaller pieces that grow into a larger whole.

    I studied composition in school, but my main thrust for years was as a performer rather than a writer. I played mostly jazz early on, then began doing some touring with pop bands, even managed to get onto a couple of "hit" tours as a sideman. Now, I mostly perform with a primarily improvisational group. We generally do four to five concerts a year, some live film scores, and even a bar gig or two when we're in the mood for a drunken row (a musical one, that is).

    Our next concert will be interesting, though. We're performing at SMU's Meadows School of the Arts, doing a concert of works by Cage, Stockhausen, etc. It will be the first time we've done "legit" in years (although I'd hesitate to call it completely legit). We even talked about wearing tuxes just for the sheer humor of it all.

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