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Topic: Voice Overload at 24 voices?!

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    Voice Overload at 24 voices?!

    Hey guys,
    Just got the Strad, and i love it so far, but if i try and play a 3 note chord, the cpu useage goes from like...20% to 120%! and stops playing the samples, and the voices used are 24, possible of 75, yet it collapses..


    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Voice Overload at 24 voices?!


    Please email me giorgio.tommasini@tin.it


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    Re: Voice Overload at 24 voices?!

    OK, I thought I had the problem figured out, but now another has arrose.

    I use K2 as a VST plugin for Tracktion2, and it PLAYS fine in it, but itf i go to record with tracktion 2, theres dropouts like no tomorrow! Whats going on?

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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