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Topic: Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

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    Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

    Hi. I sequence on a P4 laptop. My old Echo Indigo I/O is crapping out (the headphone jack is only putting out intermittent sound), and I don't know how to fix that. Echo haven't answered my email.

    So I'm thinking about gettin an external interface to use with Cakewalk / EWQLSO. Anyone have any recommendations for an interface that has good solid drivers with low latency for working with Cakewalk and EWQLSO VSTis? I guess it would be nice to also have a couple inputs and outputs in XLR and 1/4" for recording from my guitar or condenser mikes.


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    Re: Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

    Motu Traveller and Fireface 800 are so far one of the best I've heard.

    I own Fireface and it has replaced all my delta soundcards (66, 44 and 2496, but not in the subject of discussion cos they are PCI anyway). It has very low latency (7ms if I remember) and stand alone operation, but needs to be AC powered. Motu only needs firewire to get powered up...

    It's a little hefty, but you're looking at one of the best audio interfaces around which you probably wouldn't need to get another in many years to come...
    Peter Wong

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    Re: Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

    I just got the RME Multiface II. It smokes with Cubase. I have used the MOTU Midi interfaces for a long while and think they are very reliable. I looked at the Traveler and the fireface talked with some folks and there seemed to be a general sense that MOTU worked better on a Mac. I have never had any problems with their midi stuff (outside of the occaisional panic button reset) but was really not looking for any BS with my new interface. The RME came very highly recommended. Now I see why. I am getting 1.5ms latency on playthru and zero latency on playback. Pretty smooth stuff

    I got the PCI card bundle but they also make the laptop version.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

    Take note that if you only have a 4 pin firewire port, then you'll need to use a power adapter regardless, as they do not supply power. In my experience, only Mac laptops come with the powered 6 pin although there may be exceptions in the pc world out there.

    This isn't a big deal if you don't plan on moving it around much, but may seem inconvenient to you if you've been spoiled by the freedom of your indigo.

    I ran into the same problem and I mistakenly thought I could solve it with a 6 pin cardbas adapter, but no dice.

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    Re: Recommendations for low-latency external interfaces?

    I have the Tascam FW-1804. I had various reponses on my post seeking more information and experience. Overall, got positive responses. I will let you know when I get it up and running. Plan on using it with Gigastudio - supposedly super low latency because of GSIF2 drivers. Have heard that a six pin to 4 pin adapter will work (my laptop only has four pin) even though Tascam does not support this.

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