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Topic: Mini Monitor Review (KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, Dynaudio, Events)

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    Mini Monitor Review (KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, Dynaudio, Events)

    I just demoed some monitors this afternoon at a Guitar Center in L.A. (Pasadena store), and I thought I'd share my opinions for those who might be interested. The ones I listened to extensively were:

    Mackie HR824
    Event Tuned Reference 8 TR8
    KRK V8 series 2
    M-Audio BX8

    Mackie HR624
    KRK V6 series 2
    Dyaudio BM5A

    I've been told that the The Mackie HR824's were harsh in the mid/high range (including the sales guy), but my listening experience showed no harshness at all, in fact it had a certain openess that other monitors did not have, while still being accurate, flat, detailed, full-bodied..etc. The HR824 were my favorite of the bunch by far.

    The Event Tuned Reference 8 TR8 sounded very pleasant, but maybe too pleasant--significantly on the warm side. I would enjoy listening to music on them, but I don't think I'd want to mix my music on them.

    The KRK V8 series 2's were quite a surprise, because I had heard the first series years ago and they sounded horrible--way too harsh. It looks like the series two had improved on that significantly, and sounds quite accurate. I found them to be maybe a tad sterile, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for those that wants dead-accuracy.

    M-Audio BX8's were by far the harshest sounding. I was shocked at how crappy it sounded, and the sales guy said "Yeah, we get that a lot from customers all the time." It didn't help that the M-Audio 88-key midi controller keyboard I tried the same afternoon was a piece of ~~~~ too. It was spongy as hell, with keys that got stuck. I have zero faith in M-Audio at this point.

    The KRK V6 series 2's were basically just like the V8's, except with smaller size/woofer. You get the same sound, just with a bit less bass.

    I thought the Dynaudio BM5A's was quite nice (the sales person recommended them as his favorites)--flat, detailed, with tight and full bass (especially for such a small size), but at similar price point, it wasn't obviously better than the HR624 or the KRK V6 series 2.

    The Mackie HR634's were my favorite smaller sized monitors. I can't articulate more than that the Mackies had a certain "openess" about them, making the other monitors sound a bit restricted in comparison. Like the KRK V6, the HR624 were smaller versions of the HR824, and sounds virtually the same except for less bass.

    The larger monitors were significantly more full-bodied due to the larger woofers. If you have the money and the studio space, go for the larger monitors for sure. But if you are on a budget or have limited space, the KRK V6 series 2's, Dynaudio BM5A's, and Mackie HR624's are all great choices--sounding not too different from each other (except that the Mackie have a more open sound).

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    Re: Mini Monitor Review (KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, Dynaudio, Events)

    It's very difficult to form intelligent opinions of speakers based on what you hear on the sales floor. You might disagree with yourself if you listened to these same speakers at your leisure in a better room.

    Or not, of course. But I can tell you that the V8s (original) aren't harsh, for example.

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    Re: Mini Monitor Review (KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, Dynaudio, Events)

    I would agree with Nick on this one ....I went to my buddies music store to buy the Mackie 824's when they first came out ...He has a GREAT listenning room ....We set up a few pairs of monitors including the 20/20 bas, the same speaker but not powered , and the Mackie 824's .... When all was said and done, the 20/20 bas presented material that was NOT heard on the other monitors....We were playing some Steely Dan material , and there were background instrument riffs that were CLEARLY heard by the 20/20 bas that were not heard with the Mackies nor the non powered Events ... The Mackies were in fact very open and airy sounding , but the sound was really all over the place and imaging was not near as good as the 20/20 bas..The Mackie rep was there when we set everything up ....We blindfolded him, and played back the Steely Dan DVD ....He picked the 20/20 bas thinking it was his Mackies...
    I ended up with the 20/20 bas....Now I can do similar tests with my 20/20 bas monitors, and compare them to my BM6a's , and while the bass is stronger in the 20/20's ( not nessesarily a good thing ) , everything else is MUCH better and more reliable on the BM6a's ..My mixes translate better using the BM6a's ....Again, these conclusions were not only mine....There were plenty of people listenning with people shuffling around to get into the sweet spot ...Jim

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    Re: Mini Monitor Review (KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, Dynaudio, Events)

    Yeah, I like the original V8s too. The sweet spot seems bigger and they really outperformed everything else that they were A-Bd against (quite a large selection of powered and non-powered). Heard them in West L.A.s room in Studio City and didn't have any surprises when I got home with them. Cheers, jc

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