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Topic: New Finale file for JABB update

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    New Finale file for JABB update

    A new Finale instruments file is now available for download. This file lets Finale recognize the JABB update "Lite" instruments. Do a search on your system for the "GarritanJazzinstrument.txt" file. Replace the old file with this new one: www.garritan.com/JABB/Finale/GarritanJazzinstrument.txt

    For Windows users the file will be in the Finale 2006/Finale VST folder. After replacing the old file with the new, when you open the Finale Setup Wizard you should see the addition of the many new "Lite" choices in the listing of the JABB instruments.


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    Re: New Finale file for JABB update

    Thanks Tom, i did replace the old file with the new one and went to setip wizard for my big band score, however, for playback i want to use the JABB sounds and i still have to open the Garritan application separately from Finale to accsess the sounds. the option isn't there in the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS AU SETUP drop down menu...

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    Unhappy Re: New Finale file for JABB update

    Hi, Tom

    JABB does not show up as an instrument option in VST setup in Finale. All my other libraries are there. I uninstalled and reinstalled JABB. It still didn't show up, and the Finale VST setup cannot find the instrument files. The JABB folder is set up in the program folder, alongside GPO, CoMB, the Strad and the Gofr. I did not see any instrument.txt file in the Finale 2008/Finale VST folder. Should there be one? Just in case, I copied and pasted the file you posted into the Finale 2008/Finale VST folder; it didn't make any difference.

    What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't this library be available in KP2, the same as the others?


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