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Topic: Myst V Medley

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    Myst V Medley

    Had to get a medley together for a GANG submission, so I thought I might as well share it here as well.
    http://www.timlarkin.net/MP3/MystVSoundtrackMedley.mp3 (6MB)



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    Thumbs up Re: Myst V Medley

    Really Gr8 stuff Tim. Congrats on the Munich too.

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Beautiful music Tim, definately very enjoyable to listen to. It's a good varied selection for folks to check out that encompasses the amount of work that went into the score. Good luck!

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Wow....really nice.

    Superb mixing. It sounds so live and fresh. Really great.
    Michael Peter

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Great work, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the game when I get the time.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Best of luck with this, Tim. I mentioned this soundtrack in my 2005 Game Audio review over at CDM - this soundtrack is in heavy rotation and one of my favorites for the year.

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Great work Tim! Your music is always fun to listen to, and fits the games so beautifully.

    Too bad the Myst series has ended... though I can imagine you've been ready to move on for quite some time.

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Hi Tim, really nice work man. I agree with what Michael (Frogness) said, the mix sounds really open and clear.


    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Thanks for the positive comments, I appreciate them very much.
    And thanks Luk, hearing my own music in a Spielberg trailer was a great surprise, not to mention quite a rush. I hadn't recieved final word on whether or not it was going to be used when I heard it playing on tv.
    Glad you're enjoying the clip.


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    Re: Myst V Medley

    Amazing stuff there Tim. Best of luck with the awards!
    DJ Drunken Master - Composer Producer
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