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Topic: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

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    Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    This is a piano track useing GPO's Steinaway Concert Grand. Its written in a slightly experimental style, and has a dark and at times almost confused sound. I wrote it to represent the confusion people can go through within there own thoughts.

    As for technical data, it was done in FL's piano roll, moused in, and the reverb is SIR.

    I would love feedback and hope you enjoy it!

    http://filehost.mychost.com/d.file?get=66132154675137 (click the download text , can be a bit hard to see)

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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    I could not find were to download on the web page.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    The download is on that page, the little word "download" below the first ad. Just click on it.

    Marvelous. Interesting and gorgeous piano writing. I found it a little conventional (but that is, of course, okay too).


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    The Abyss http://www.wusik.com/song.php?id=1078
    Hope is never Extinguished http://www.wusik.com/song.php?id=1092

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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    Conventional it may be, as the super-conductor Yttrium-Barium-Copper Oxide mentioned -- but it surely is a fine piece of piano writing! (I might suggest a little more attention to some transitions.)

    Very effective, pianistic writing, Ryan -- brings out much of the best of the instrument -- and quite well rendered.

    I've had this looping for a while whilst I do some programming, and I do believe I'm growing quite fond of the piece... there are some truly excellent moments in it.

    Well done!


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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    Your thoughts are far more organized than mine are. Impressive this was moused in. You win the patience award. It feels more performed rather than programmed, so excellent job. There are some very nice moments here. Please keep writing!

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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    I liked this!

    Unique to this forum.

    You clearly achieved your objective of demonstrating the overlapping human characteristics of tranquility and chaos.

    … and I too am amazed this was arranged strictly through notation!
    Terrific work.


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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    Wow!!! I stand (well sit, actually) amazed!!!! I feel like a child in comparison.

    Very impressive,


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    Re: Maze Of The Sapient Mind

    Hey guys, really glad you enjoyed the piece, and thanks for all the feedback, I will love to get around the forum and listen to some of yours

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