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Topic: My First Strad Demo!

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    My First Strad Demo!

    Hey all,
    I finally got the strad yesterday. Loaded it up and was amazed! It's so playable!! I love it!

    Anywho, for my first demo, I did a Paganinni Duet for Violin and Guitar. I used the Guitar from JABB and obviously the Strad.


    MIDI File:

    I have to say now, other than the Strad Manual, I didnt read ANY of the tutorials, so please forgive the badness of the song. >_<

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    Hey, there's more than a few outstanding moments in there! The real time swells are really something to hear. The little grace notes kill. The only thing I'd worry about is the same problem I'm having with a lot of the demos- just too much portatmento. It becomes a bit like a theremin in places. But to just get it, load it up and play something with that much expressive phrasing- it's amazing. Thanks for posting!!

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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    Any exact places of the theremin sound? Just so I know what to look out for?

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Thumbs up Re: My First Strad Demo!

    It takes a little bit of finesse to get the "portamento-to-straight-legato" technique down pat - but honestly if you go find a Jascha Heifetz solo you'll find lots of slippery-slidery all over the place. I think that this mockup does go over the top - but not by much. The basic statement - the opening of each phrase, particularly the very first version, would be stated more plainly to give the "audience" a clear view of the melody, so I'd use less portamento in the step-wise quarter-note passages. I particularly like the note release emphasis and the little lilts and grace notes - they *do* kill. Nice one!
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    The phrase theremin-y is probably a bit strong... but I do think that Mr. Heifrtz not withstanding it's a technique that can sound a bit unrealistic if not applied very juidiciously. The little section at :13 to :21 I think it's a tad much. The rest sounds great!

    Of course, that's being VERY picky, and it's only one person's subjective opinion in any event. I think it's a great demo to prove that if you know what you're doing one can get great sounds out of the Strad right out of the box, and I can't imagine how good it will sound when you've been honing your technique for even a week, let alone a month. Excellent.

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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    I'm dehydrated ... because of all the drooling

    Solo strad sounds superb, don't it?
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: My First Strad Demo!


    Way cool. I am glad you are enjoying the Strad. I think the guitar might come up in the mix a bit.

    As for the portamento - As Houston says, there is a happy balance - and the technique to do so takes practice.

    Very good beginning and I look forward to hearing more.

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    Thumbs up Re: My First Strad Demo!

    Fire, ya know ... that sounds most natural. There's a portrayal of innocence and tutoring almost as if a student stands playing the violin as his mentor accompanist at the piano. Pretty damn clever in a unique way, yes?
    I like!

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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    Fire, ya know ... that sounds most natural. There's a portrayal of innocence and tutoring almost as if a student stands playing the violin as his mentor accompanist at the piano. Pretty damn clever in a unique way, yes?
    I like!
    Good point, really. New players tend to be uncertain of pitch, and do a lot of sliding to cheat their way to the correct note position on the neck.

    Decades back, I took 'cello with Rubi Wentzel -- quite a fine player, herself... and she'd literally wince every time I did that. Of course, I thought I was doing a fine job of hiding my ineptitude with expressive portamento; so, finally, I asked her if she was perhaps ill or in pain.

    She said she wasn't ill, but definitely in pain, as my playing sounded like I was continually stepping on the tail of a cat... lol.

    Eventually, I became a fair cellist; but, point taken on portamento: some's good, less is better.


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    Re: My First Strad Demo!

    Very cool Fire.

    On the point of port(slide/whatever technical term one prefers), it is subjective, though I would have used less "personally".
    Robert Davis

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