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Topic: NAMM Speculations???

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    NAMM Speculations???

    Any body have any thoughts on NAMM this week? Anyone want to guess at any cool suprises. Last year EWQL debuted Colossus. This year??? I was hoping for something from Spectrasonics but Eric said he was "still cooking"

    Just wondering if anybody had any insider information...

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    Re: NAMM Speculations???

    I think a Logic Pro and Express update would be in order, but Apple said that it'll be until March before the pro apps are Intel compatible. I think we might see some new products from East West, and of course demos and such from VSL for their new players.
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    Re: NAMM Speculations???

    WaveLab 6 by Steinberg.. with dongle.



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    Re: NAMM Speculations???

    Tascam will announce GS5.

    Release of the updates since GS3.00 have accelerated so quickly that they're blowing right past GS4.


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    Lightbulb Re: NAMM Speculations???

    I was wondering how long it would take this thread to pop up - surprised that folks were able to hold out this long...

    My guess is that we'll see a lot of things announced that won't appear in three dimensions until the MusikMesse in March.
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