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Topic: Again, it won't boot!!

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    Exclamation Again, it won't boot!!

    Well, a few days ago, I had this problem, which I could solve. This time, I can't, don't know why.

    What I was doing: Tweaking Windows XP (but not abnormal) and then I restarted. Then, Windows would not start again:

    "Reboot and select proper boot device
    or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

    The funny thing is that, some of the times I reset the computer, it don't identify my main HD (system).

    I tried everything I did last time:

    - Boot from Windows XP disc, go to recovery console, copy ntldr and ntdetect.com to c:, fixboot c:, fixmbr c:. Nothing.
    - Copy the ntoskrnl.exe to system32. Nothing.
    - I tried what seemed to solve my problem last time: Bootcfg /rebuld (/fastdetect). But this time I get this error: "Error: Failed adding the startup entry to the startup list" (or something like it - my Windows is in portuguese).
    - Then I tried to boot from Windows 98 disc: Fdisk /mbr. I got a message saying that MBR was NOT updated.

    Now I get this message when trying to boot:

    "mbr error 1
    press any key to boot from floppy"

    When I hit a key, the message changes.

    "mbr error 2
    press any key to boot from floppy"

    - Then again, I try fixmbr c:. The error now is back to:

    "Reboot and select proper boot device
    or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

    What do I do????
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: Again, it won't boot!!

    Sorry you are having such problems. Can you access the BIOS? Have you made sure all settings are ok there. Have you reset the battery? Have you reduced memory down to one stick, tried different DIMM slots? Could something be shorting the MOBO out? Can you boot to DOS with a bootdisk (floppy, CDROM, USB)? If so can you run a DOS program - use the setup disk that comes with the hard drive to run a few diagnostics. IF you can run off of a boot disk then maybe the hard drive is corrupt. You should run a program like Spinrite which can repair the drive. You really should also backup if you have not already done so. Try imaging the hard drive to another. Then run off the new drive. Does this make a difference? Let me know.


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    Re: Again, it won't boot!!


    Your machine clearly has hardware problems. First programs crash. Then Windows gets corrupted. Then it fails to boot.

    My wife's machine had nearly the same symptoms a few years ago. When we replaced the RAM and re-installed everything, it was solid as a rock.

    I believe that you are waiting for your new RAM to arrive. You can wait to install the new RAM, then reset you BIOS to the default, and install Windows from scratch. Let it make new partitions and reformat your hard drive.

    If you can't wait that long,

    1) reset the BIOS,
    2) slow down your system clock in the BIOS. Run everything very conservatively with that older RAM.
    3) Reinstall Windows, setting new partitions and reformatting the drive
    4) Run prime95 overnight. If it fails, slow the machine further, and re-install Windows - it may have already been corrupted.
    5) After prime95 runs perfectly, then install GS3 and your other software.

    The bottom line: you have a hardware problem. Make sure it's resolved and then load your software. Bad hardware can corrupt good software.

    You can download prime95 here:

    Best of luck to you! Once you get your new RAM (or slow your machine enough to run the old RAM), I think you will be very happy with the results.


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    Re: Again, it won't boot!!

    What brand/number was the bad ram so we all know for the future...Sorry for your problems....I've had my share of problems running a PC , and completely sympathise with you ...It's a real PITA .....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Again, it won't boot!!

    Again, it seems it is working now, but it was pretty weird.

    I tried all the known procedures for this. Everybody said me that, if fdisk /mbr couldn't work, it was really bad and only a low level format could fix it.

    I tried everything again. Sometimes, when with the Win 98 CD in the tray but with the BIOS trying to boot from HD, it would ask me what OS to boot from (it would appear two instances of Windows, probably because I messed with bootcfg).

    When I choosed one, it would show the Win loading screen and then I saw a BSOD.

    Then again, I tried everything again. But this time, I reconnected all the HDDs cables. The same screen asking the OS to boot, I choosed but this time it worked.

    But I haven't restarted Windows again to see if it will fail again. I was so scared and I had to finish the job, so I just kept it on. Today I'll check it out if it will fail.

    Deak: I didn't do a lot of what you sugested, but I don't think there is a problem in my HDDs. If there is a problem, it would be in the cable or in the controller, I think. Even the RAM. But I'll check it out and let you know. Thanks for replying.

    Jon: Well, I believe the crashes has no relations with what happened, because when Windows is working, it works fine. I think it's more related to drivers or software versions, and with RAM. The Sonar crashing when I try to load up some files with certain plugins is an issue with the VST plugin itself. The DKHS issue it's because the soundstat, but I couldn't get it well.

    Yes, you're right, I'm waiting my new RAM (Crucial XMS, couldn't find any OCZ again ). Hopefully, it will be fine, because I bought from the same guy a pair of 1gb OCZ extreme performance and the two RAMs was faulty :/

    But now I'll try to diagnose every single aspect from my PC right now. When the new RAM arrives, I will do it again to certify that the RAM I'm using now is at least one reason of the problems. Thanks for everything, you're always saving me.

    synthnut: Actually, it's generic, it came with my old Athlon XP. It's 3 years old, but I never had problems with that. But when working with audio in Sonar in the old machine, I had similar problems than with this new DAW. Maybe it's the RAM indeed. As I wrote above, I'll wait my new Crucial XMS and test and compare the performance.

    But yeah, it was a beautiful PITA... or, as we call here in Brazil, "uma bela dor no saco".
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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