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Topic: Filmaker MacGregor is lookin for a composer

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    Exclamation Filmaker MacGregor is lookin for a composer

    Hello guys, This is my first post. (please excuse my cross post message - in genral discussion too -, but I've now noticed that is here that compositors meet)
    I found this community very helpful as silent observer, and love Garritan products.
    I'm writing this message to you because a friend of mine, called MacGregor, is lookin' for a composer for a movie that he's shooting. He's a very talented filmaker, trust me.

    MacGregor is lookin' for someone capable to do something like you can hear in this sample movies shot by HIM:


    This footage are *ALL* shot by Macgregor (!!!) but he used a soundtrack from a movie, I dunno what movie. It's not important. He would to know if someone is interested to produce some original music in the "same style".

    If anyone is interested to his project, please contact him at:

    Thanks to all.

    Many regards,

    Danilo Del Tufo

    p.s.: sorry for my english, I'm not english native speaker.

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    Re: Filmaker MacGregor is lookin for a composer

    Interesting film, this sorta calls for tragic music (not sure about the percussion thingie)
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    Re: Filmaker MacGregor is lookin for a composer

    What?! Trouble finding a composer? Lol -- well, gosh, there might be one or two of 'em around here...


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