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Topic: Who is goodt at orchestrating Pianie scores?

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    Question Who is goodt at orchestrating Pianie scores?

    I have an issue of Sheet Music Magazinee with big band songs. However, they're all in piano score with vocal and guitar. Any of you wizards have the ability to orchestrate for the woodwinds, brass, and the rest?
    I called Benny Goodman last night about it and he referred me to Duke who referred me to Dizzy who referred me to ... ah, you that guy ... ah, hmm, that ... that horn, brass, player who plays that brass thingy with the multiple slides and the used plunger ... what the heck is his name ... sheesshh! Oh, yeah ... Tex Trambone with his band. You know, Trombonie and the Slides! Great big band, You should see the washboard player what a gas!
    Well, thanks for you utmost attention in this matter. I know you will have much to say and nothing to talk about so get to woik!
    By the way, the other big band you should hear is Phil Muckrakin and His Tuckin Brass Band. (I'll bet your eyes played tricks on you while reading. )
    Sorry, no drum fills yet but coming!

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    Re: Who is goodt at orchestrating Pianie scores?

    I'd be willing to give it a shot. It would be interesting to try. If you want to send me pdf's or fax it, let me know...

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    Re: Who is goodt at orchestrating Pianie scores?

    Sounds like you could have some fun with PG Music's Band in a Box.

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