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Topic: Recommendations for a "Tine" Piano?

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    Question Recommendations for a "Tine" Piano?

    I'm looking for a great tine piano sound (as opposed to a "warm" Rhodes) and am curious which VST might offer the best variety of patches. I am aware of Lounge Lizard EP-3 as well as Scarbee, but the onsite demoes do not necessarily offer the broadest spectrum of what each library contains. Perhaps someone here who owns either or both libraries can offer their opinion(s) in that regard.

    BTW, I am proud to say that over the past weekend, I managed to install IVORY, albeit just the Yamaha C7, but in a word... WOW! -- and the fact that all of those presets are included, along with all of the other parameters. Well, it may be time to lay that GigaPiano I finally to rest...

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    Re: Recommendations for a "Tine" Piano?

    I can get the 80's dynomy sound from the Scarbee, if that's what you're asking. Or are you looking for something like the TX816 rhodes?

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    Re: Recommendations for a "Tine" Piano?

    Thanks guys. I completely forgot about ELECTRIK PIANO which comprises both the MK1 and MK2 in its library.

    Now, between this, OPUS 1, IVORY, BFD Deluxe/XFL, STYLUS RMX among others, if only I had enough disk space

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    Re: Recommendations for a "Tine" Piano?

    Mr Ray 73 !

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