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Topic: Why do I have to use mod wheel to make woodwinds audible?

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    Why do I have to use mod wheel to make woodwinds audible?


    I'm using the GPO Finale version. Whether I use GPO Finale inside of Finale or in another program such as Digital Performer, I have a problem that I can't figure out. If I load a piano into a channel, I get a normal audible volume when playing from the Kontakt keyboard or from my MIDI keyboard. However, when I load a woodwind instrument such as clarinet (or I think any instrument besides piano) into the same channel, I always have to put the Kontak mod wheel in the middle. If I don't, the sound is almost silent. When I save my Finale or DP project, the mod wheel setting is not saved along with it, so I have to set the mod wheel every time I open the project. I'm not changing any volume controls. The problem always happens with default volume settings - piano is at a normal volume, virtually everything else is almost silent until I tweak the mod wheel.

    Is there a workaround for this problem? Has anyone seen it before? Does it happen with the full version of GPO? Can you save mod wheel settings in GPO Studio?

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    Re: Why do I have to use mod wheel to make woodwinds audible?

    Congratulations. You have just discovered what makes Garritan Personal Orchestra and Garritan Jazz and Big Band Libraries different from all other sampler products.

    For strings and woodwinds in Garritan products, key velocity is not used to determine volume/dynamics. It is used to determine attack.

    The Garritan woodwinds, brass and strings are designed so that the mod wheel position determines dynamics. Mod wheel all the way up is fortissimo. Mod wheel half way up is mezzoforte. Mod wheel almost all the way down is pianissimo.

    All these instruments are designed to be played with your left hand on the mod wheel at all times. This is how you shape dynamics in phrases and make crescendos and decrescendos.

    Please read the manual (thoroughly) for more details.

    There are special settings in GPO for working with Finale which are explained in the manual.

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    Re: Why do I have to use mod wheel to make woodwinds audible?

    Record the modwheel as you position it half way at the beginning of your piece and it will come back up everytime you open your project without having to reset it. (DPDAN and Karl Garrett had to tell me this 5 times before I got it.)


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