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Topic: Giga 3.1 instabilities

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    Giga 3.1 instabilities

    After struggling for the past 5 days with Giga crashes, and after reinstalling everything and swapping memory modules, I've decided to try new motherboards. The Asus P5GD1-VM uses onboard video, and that may be the problem or maybe the chipset. I've always used AGP video with excellent results, so I am going to get a motherboard with an AGP slot and no onboard video. At least I know I am starting from a point where I've had stability for a long time.

    My question is, does Giga really support 2 gigs of ram? Some of the comments around here suggest that 2gigs may make the system unstable, certainly WinXP and newer motherboards support 2gigs and more. My other question is does Giga support SATA hard drives? I've used EIDE drives, again, with much success, but I am wondering if the newer SATA drives are causing problems.

    I will report back after I try rebuilding my systems with another motherboard.
    For those musicians using giga 3 with 2 gb or more of ram, could you please tell me what you are using in terms of motherboards, chipsets, video, OS and sound cards?

    Thanks again,

    Jerry Gerber

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    Re: Giga 3.1 instabilities

    Hi Jerry, there's a tweack on the vsl forum regarding ram/giga, have a look, maby that's what you're looking for.

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    Re: Giga 3.1 instabilities

    Do the tweak and have a look at this thread, Jerry. I'm sure it will help.


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