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Topic: NAMM - Pre-show & Garritan Announcements

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    NAMM - Pre-show & Garritan Announcements

    We just finished setting up at the NAMM show. We have two locations, booth #6721 and #6921.

    For those that requested NAMM badges on the GPO forum, they will be waiting for you at registration (it is now too late now for me to get any new badges). The registration booth is on the lower level. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you there.

    Tom Hopkins, Jeff Hurchalla, Jeanott Welter, Doyle Donehoo and Jim Ortner will be assisting at the booth. David and Seb from Plogue (makers of GPO Studio) will also be at the booth.

    New Garritan announcements for NAMM

    The "Authorized" Steinway Piano sample library.
    Working together with Steinway and Sons, we have sampled one of their finest pianos. Steinway not only provided one of their finest pianos but their best technician. Different perspectives were recorded at the acclaimed Troy Music Hall. More details will be posted on a separate thread.

    We are also announcing a GPO Reason Edition which will be demonstrate at the Propellerhead's booth and our booth. Garritan Pocket Orchestra for Dimension Pro will be demoed at Cakewalk's booth and at ours. GPO for Finale and JABB will be demonstrated at the MakeMusic and our booth. And GPO Sibelius Edition will be demonstrated at the Sibelius booth and our booth as well.

    We'll be showing the Stradivari violin in a new Kontakt 2 Player. The Stradivari violin is the first instrument to use sonic morphing technology and this virtual instrument uses instrument body resonances. The Stradivari vionlni has been shipping in a Kontakt 2 library version and the NAMM attendees will get a glimpse of the new Kontakt 2 Player. We are also announcing the cello (using Sonic Morphing technologies) which is under development.

    The Jazz and Big Band update will also be demonstrated (with the new updates to the library). We have new big band demos we'll be playing.

    2006 is shaping up to be quite a year.We have some major products and innovations brewing which we'll announce in due course.

    Lots of major currents - Mac-Intel, Windows Vista, new players, exanding platforms, new music technologies. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. This year's NAMM is going to be exciting. I'll keep you posted.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: NAMM - Pre-show & Announcements

    Excellent Gary,
    get some good sleep tonight

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    Marvellous Gary!!!!


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    Re: NAMM - Pre-show & Announcements

    Great news Gary!

    This Steinway piano sample library I am really excited about.
    I will look forward to the demo's of this when they become availiable.

    Have a good time at NAAM Gary.


    Steve M.

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    The best teams up with the best! What a winning combination! One favor to ask of you in case you bump into him ... say hello to Tony M. for me. I believe he said he would be there. Thanks.

    Now, this is really cool when you think about it. One, I've always wanted a Stradivarius violin, loved the sound and dreamed of owning a Steinway, and was thinking of purchasing a cello some day. Garritan makes it all possible! Huh, what next ... the Hammond B3?

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    Re: NAMM - Pre-show & Garritan Announcements


    Just ordered the strad. What will the 'new' K2 player do for us in terms of playability and sound?


    Rob Elliott Music

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