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Topic: Overture from "The Taste of Sunrise"

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    Overture from "The Taste of Sunrise"

    This is a five-minute piece I loosely composed based on a play, The Taste of Sunrise by Suzan Zeder. It concerns a boy from southern Illinois rendered deaf by a deadly fever in the 1910s. Sent to a school to be instructed in English speech, he learns the language of signing and makes some friends along the way. Honestly, I didn't stick very closely to the spirit of the play writing this; started with the story in mind, but veered off in a lot of different directions. All samples are from Garritan Personal Orchestra, except for the JABB guitar.

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    Re: Overture from "The Taste of Sunrise"

    Can't say I've read Ms. Zeder's play, but it must be one heck of a ride to inspire this piece, Cerrabore!

    I'm on my third listen to get this untangled in my head... lol -- there's a lot going on in this piece.

    Quite a journey! Some fine, highly effective orchestration in this, and the piece surely stays lively throughout, with a compelling forward thrust all the way through.

    I wish I were more familiar with The Taste of Sunrise, as the piece very successfully evokes an ongoing and quite highly theatrical story of relentless struggle against adversity -- and victory over it.

    Great job on this!


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    Re: Overture from "The Taste of Sunrise"

    Thanks for your comments, David.

    I rather think I betrayed the heart of that play writing this. It's overwhelmingly about the symbolism of deafness, and I bet the playwright would not be too keen on any sort of score. Fortunately, I just wrote this recreationally (but it doubles as an effective entry in whatever kind of youth composition contest I hear about at school). Interestingly, my school's drama club is performing the "sequel" to The Taste of Sunrise, called Mother Hicks, in March, and I'll be scoring that with some of the same themes. But it is sure developing as a more restrained score. The sequel takes place during the Depression, so our director doesn't want "over-orchestration." I'm writing music mostly for a few woodwinds and strings. And who knew the JABB accordian could double as a harmonica?

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    Re: Overture from "The Taste of Sunrise"

    I am not familiar with the play myself, but this music is wonderful. I love listening to it. Very fine work with orchestration and harmony. The guitar fits with the rest of the orchestra beautifully. I can understand the director's desire for music that doesn't take away focus from the play, but you've written such compelling catchy themes that it might be hard. Great work!
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