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Topic: "Into the darkness"

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    "Into the darkness"

    This is something I did for a short dark thriller sci-fi film. The director wanted it pretty quick so I only had around four hours to turn this in!

    Anyway here's the result:
    Click here


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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    Very effective, Chris... this "atmospheric" sort of soundscape work is much tougher to do than one would think at first... you don't have a lot of time to nurse the listener to a conclusion about what he or she is supposed to be feeling -- bang, you just have to go there, spot one, no second chance.

    Nice job on this.


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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    Man, that is great cinematic-ish music, you could just see an army just about to go to battle. Well at least I get that impression . Good job on the percussion.
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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    Nice work Chris!

    There's a distinct atmosphere here.
    My only critique would be to emphasize the background tremolo string effect a bit ..it's a nice driving force, but barely audible except the 1st note.. (but, perhaps it's my speakers...)

    This arrangement has the strong beginnings of something larger! ..and could be worth expanding for your personal repertoire.

    very Nice indeed!


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    Thumbs up Re: "Into the darkness"

    So, what Library did you use? The strings are great! Nice suspenseful build and recapitulation at the end!
    Directors, I'm telling you ...

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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    It's all garritan except one percussion sample (the hard metally hit). Thanks for the comments!


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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    It's all GPO except one percussion sample (the hard metally hit). Thanks for the comments!


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    Re: "Into the darkness"

    Very impressive result for the time crunch! I doubt I could have done as well. I love the dark brooding atmosphere of this piece. Nice job!

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