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Topic: NAMM - Day 1

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    NAMM - Day 1

    Hi All,

    Day 1 is over at NAMM.

    NAMM is primarily a trade show that is not open to the public. It's to do business at and promote new business relationships. That's exactly what I spent my day doing. Strategic alliences and collaborations are worked out that shape the course of the coming year.

    The morning began meeting with distributors. We have wider distribution this year reaching more markets. These distributors play an important trole in spreading the word about music technology.

    Quite a few forum members came by the booths. It was good to put faces to the names of some of our community members.

    I had lunch with Daniel Haver, President of Native Instruments and Martin Jann and spoke and had a very productive discussion about future projects and directions.

    Hollywood composer Mark Isham came by the booth and Rick Hahn also stopped by. Paul Mirkovich also came by - he will be performing with RockStar (and played on the INXS album). I also spend some time with composer Shawn Clement (and met his dad too). Ken-P came by and coincidently we were playing his Wings of Dreams.

    I didn't have much time to walk the show but there were a few things of note. As expected companies announced upcoming support for the Intel Macs, like Ableton Live 5.2, Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, and Roland.

    Digidesign announced a new Advanced Instrument Research Group and its first Virtual Instrument plug-ins for Pro Tools. More virtual instruments for Pro Tools will follow.

    After the show we went to an Electronic Musician party. We then ended the day at the Cakewalk/Intel/Microsoft party at the Pulse Lounge. Good music and good people there.

    I have not heard of anything earthshattering at the show, but I haven't been around much. I'll let you know if I see anything interesting.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: NAMM - Day 1

    thank you Gary for the report.


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    Re: NAMM - Day 1

    Report the for Gary you thank. Did you experience any hippie hippie shakes?

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