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Topic: OT But this works wonders!

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    OT But this works wonders!

    Forgive the OT post here but I wanted to share this with the good people of Northern Sounds.

    My web site home page used to default to Yahoo.com. Everday when I'd launch IE up would pop Yahoo and up would pop those 5-6 news headlines at the right side of the page. Everyday bad news. The economy is crashing, everybodys being layed off, terrorists are coming, Tom Cruise is looking for love again. On one particular day I noticed that each headline was about a looming catastrophe that made me want to quit my job and go home and hide under the bed. Nothing but fear and pessimism.

    So I changed my home page to Northern Sounds and very rarley do I go and look at the news. I do not watch it at home on the tellly and I do not read the paper. Now some may argue that it's best to be informed but I figure if something really bad is about to happen it won't matter if I know or not, it's going to happen anyway.

    Lately I haven't been feeling as much anxiety as I had before. My home is still there when I get off from work, there's still a litttle money for a few sample libraries in my bank account, we're busy at work, and I love my wife and kids. All is well.

    I also recently read Michael Crichton's "Fear Factor" novel. While it is a piece of fiction he sure makes a lot of great points on how the media pushes us to be afraid all of the time. Apparently it keeps us "paying our taxes" and "driving on the correct side of the road". Marylin Manson also makes the point about the media driving us to consume and be to afraid in Michael Moore's "Bowling For Columbine"

    So, to sum it up, forget the bad news. Don't give it too much attention. Spend that time hugging your wife or kids, playing the piano, or excercising. It sure has done wonders for me...

    And since this is an international forum, I'd sure be interested in other people's thoughts!

    Now go on and write some great music!!!

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Thumbs up Re: OT But this works wonders!

    Hard to believe ...

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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    So I changed my home page to Northern Sounds -Darren

    Yeah, I did that a couple of years ago. I recommend it to all here.


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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    I did this too, about a month ago. It's my little stress reliever throughout my day, anytime I need a quick break I go right here and I'm reminded that yes, there are good, pleasant things in the world....


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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    Yanno, you can also change your homepage to be no page....

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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    Maybe it's me, but NOT knowing what's going on the world would give me more anxiety than knowing.
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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    So thrue, i've tested it and it works, but unfortunatly i've desised to stay informe, even if i sacrefice my sanity by doing so, i just care to mutch to let go, but i would advise anyone not to do the same.

    I'm also afraid that the fear campagne goes farther than this, it's a means of controle that is not only desing to control the civilienz in our contrys, but it can also be use to control other contry's resourses...but that's a little OT.

    Anyway Darren, it's probably the best decesion you've made for your healf and your fammily, good for you, and all the best.


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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    Quote Originally Posted by robgb
    Maybe it's me, but NOT knowing what's going on the world would give me more anxiety than knowing.
    That's the side I fall on as well. I think if good people sit back and let the world slide by, then a lot of opportunity for positively affecting change slides by with it.

    I think people of less than positive motive are always hoping that others will stand by and do nothing to counter.

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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    I keep up with the news...I just don't listen to news every day. No need for that.

    Hearing bad news every day that is "distilled down and concentrated" from everything that is happening on the entire PLANET... skews everything. It gives you a statistically incorrect view of the real state of daily events.

    Even though the horrific and tragic news you hear is only 0.000001 percent of everything that happened around the planet that day...you hear about it live and in color, with intense graphics and ominous music.

    Instead, just read a Sunday "week in review" or a news magazine like the Economist, Time or Newsweek once in a while to get the big stories.

    The WORST for mental heath degradation is local "TV news"...which is essentially the 5pm Crime News.

    Why is it all crime news? Because it costs them nothing to find (just get a police scanner and read the police daily reports), and there is often video that can be shot and presented for these stories. I should know: my bachelors degree in 1975 was in broadcast journalism! (which I never worked in, I did newspaper work for a few years.)

    --- Glenn

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    Re: OT But this works wonders!

    The reason why the majority of news headlines are negative is that tragedy and catastophe are what attracts viewers. As a result, the negative effects of events are often exaggerated to spark interest in the program.

    The news media is inefficient in providing an accurate general view of the state of the world (as it is for many the only source of information on world events). It doesn't report what is important in the world; it reports whatever it believes people want to see and hear about. Furthermore, since the primary source of revenue for most media corporations is advertising, the will of the advertisers also affects the content of the programming (which of ocurse ties in with the previous point as advertisers want the largest audience possible). Television is the most influenced by these factors; unlike other media formats, since its invention, television has never been anything more than a vehicle for advertising.

    I refrain from watching TV as much as possible. Some programs can be entertaining, and from time to time, I will watch them, but the problem is all TV is stupid. The highest level of complexity you'll see in any TV program is equivalent to what you would need a grade 10 education to understand. Most, however, is substantially lower. Television (and media in general) is one of the major cotributors to the cultural degeneracy evident in post-modern western society.

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