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Topic: First attempt at sharing...

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    First attempt at sharing...

    Hello all...well here goes 2 links for the price of one...that is free...LOL

    Let me know if these work...Link...and...Link... these are 2 different ideas for 2 different scenes in soundtrack composition contest. The film is a silent film...sssooo I think that they may be a bit over the top...let me know what you think, and if I got the links on there correctly.
    In advance...thank you,


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    links work fine! Nice comps, too bad they're so short! I like the second one best. Nice to have you aboard!

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    Re: First attempt at sharing...

    Thank you for the compliment...the reason they are so short is that the film clip that I was sent were only 1 min long themselves...I will be expanding on them when I figure out which one I will be sending in to the contest.

    Thank you again...I was unsure of the disonances...I was trying to buid suspence. Did it work?



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    Re: First attempt at sharing...

    Welcome aboard, Paul... links working fine.


    Don't hesitate to post longer pieces, of course...


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