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Topic: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

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    RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    2 x 1GB Corsair XMS DDR 400
    (TWINX2048-3200C2 2GB Kit DDR400 XMS 3200 w/Black Heat Spreader)
    Latency: 2-3-3-6 on Intel based systems, 2.5-3-3-6 on AMD based systems
    Test Voltage: 2.75V
    Lifetime Warranty


    2 x 1GB OCZ DDR 400
    (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K 2GB kit DDR400)
    Latency: 2-3-2-5
    Test Voltage: 2.6V
    Warranty: 12 months

    I recently bought the Corsair XMS, because I had no option. Now, it appears I could trade it, but it would be a real PITA to get the OCZ.

    Since I read in this forum that many people would not recommend the Corsair XMS, I ask you...

    is it REALLY worthy to get the OCZ instead of the Corsair? Is it worthy a big headache?
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    I'd stick with the Corsair. The specs are reasonably close to the OCZ timings.

    There are two possibilities:

    1) The lazy approach: You install the memory, it works, you are happy.

    In this case you might not be pushing the memory to its limit. With the current memory settings the performance of the Corsair or OCZ would be identical

    2) The obsessive approach: You tweak and tweak to get the fastest, reliable performance.

    In this case you might get slightly better performance from the Corsair, but it will be small, and you might not even notice the difference in real life.

    3) The unfortunate situation: You install the Corsair memory. The system is unreliable.

    In this case, go to approach 2. Adjust your system until it works well. Many people talk about "faulty RAM". In many cases it's not faulty. It just means that you have an untuned system. Just like a musical instrument: if it's out of tune, tune it!

    Best of luck!


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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    Thanks, Jon!

    So you said the Corsair would be faster than OCZ, even having a slower CLS (2.5 - AMD)? I think you mean overclocking, or not?

    I never overclocked before, and I don't think this DAW is the machine to start with
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    My mistake! The OCZ would be slightly faster - but only if you really optimize the settings.


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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    OK! You said it wouldn't be noticeable in real life - What "real life" means? I'm used to see this term applied to casual gaming, surfing the web, etc...

    And how can I optmize it? Is there any way but overclocking?
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    By real life I mean that maybe you can run six instances of GigaPulse with Corsair, and 6.2 instances of GigaPulse with OCZ. In real life you are limited to six for both memories.

    Or maybe you render something in a minute with Corsair and 58 seconds with OCZ. Will you notice, or care?

    The main point is to get your machine to be 100.00000% reliable.

    And, yes, overclocking (or underclocking) techniques (not just clock speeds, but memory settings) are the way to get everything reliable (most important) and fast (secondary importance).

    BTW, my Giga machine is not optimized for speed. I played with overclocking, then backed things off for the sake of reliability. I'm sure that I could make it faster, but I'm happy enough with the speed and thrilled with the reliability.

    I built the machine I use at work. It crashed a lot when I first built it. So I slowed it down drastically, did productive work, and never re-tuned it. Who needs speed for e-mail and Office? I just want it solid.



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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    Great to know that, Jon.
    Actually, the main aspect of my question was about the brand. Jcschild told me that he wouldn't buy Corsair, much less XMS, and I wondered why's that, I thought Corsair was a good RAM.
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: RAM: Corsair XMS vs. OCZ

    Corsair is definitely a solid name brand. The timings listed are solid, and that's the main thing. It's the no-names with slow timings, or no timings that are the big problem.

    One thing to look at is the chips on the module. My OCZ 512MB modules use Samsung chips. I forget the model number. I think the 1GB sticks also use Samsung RAM. I wouldn't be surprised if the Corsair sticks use it too.

    When you get the RAM, let us know, if you can see the chip maker's logo without tearing off the heatshield. Maybe you can find out the maker on the 'net.


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