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Topic: Do I need Kontakt 2 if I have kompakt player?

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    Do I need Kontakt 2 if I have kompakt player?

    I am considering purchasing Kontakt2 but don't know if it will suit my purposes and whether it is worth it , for me, to spend another $300.

    I have no interest or need in creating or manipulating samples. I also try and refrain from just collectiing all kinds of samples. Currently, my only sample libraries include EWQLSO gold, EWQLSC, Collosus and Atmospheres. I am trying to keep my sample library lean and mean, with no garbage. As you know, all of the above applications come with the Kompakt player (with the exception of Atmospheres which has its own player).

    Again, I have no need or interest in creating or manipulating samples so Kontakt2 will be used ONLY as a sample player. I am interested in categorizing the sample libaries I already have and like the option of being able to open up more instruments in Kontakt2 vs. kompakt.

    For those that do have Kontakt2, is it worth $300 to use soley as a sample player? Does it make compsing easier (Catogorization, 4 midi ports), Does it use less CPU resources? Is it A LOT more convenient to categorize the EWQL samples? How does it really compare to the regular Kompakt player for playback only? Any drawbacks?

    Does it really allow you to load up to 64 instruments in onse istance of kompakt 2 using the 4 midi ports? If so Holy $%&#!

    P.S. I forgot to mention I already have the full verison of the original Kompakt player but don't use it at all. It has an older egine than the Kompakt2 and only holds 8 instrument slots.

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    Re: Do I need Kontakt 2 if I have kompakt player?

    I think that you may not need it. I would have a look at the NI site to see what the current state of N2 is, as Kompakt may be more stable and crash less for you.
    However, AFAIK the new scripts are not available for Kompakt, so if you would like to use these the you will need K2.
    The bottom line is that if Kompakt does everything that you need, then don't get K2. When you need it then you can buy it.


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