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Topic: Sonar 5 Help

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    Sonar 5 Help

    hi guys ..i bought sonar 5 but ...i always worked with cubase and i don't know how to use sonar..do u know if there is a tutorial? tnx

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    Re: Sonar 5 Help

    User manual contains a good tutorial. When you'll finish it .... go on with user manual! in my opinion it's very simple and it's easy to understand.

    I'm working on a "Free" Sonar video tutorial that I want to post on my site. But I'm very slow and I think it will be ready when you'll buy sonar 10!

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    Re: Sonar 5 Help

    I would pick up Scott Garrigus' "Sonar Power". It walks you through how to use most of the main features. I find it easier to use than the manual.

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    Re: Sonar 5 Help

    If you like video tutorials, I like this one:


    It has @ 9.5 hours worth of video. You have the option of purchasing the CD for $99 (kinda steep) or just pay $30 for unlimited on-line streaming for 30 days (which is what I am doing). It is fun to watch and David Ludwig is a pretty down-to-earth teacher. Although for someone who is teaching this subject you would expect to see a professional DAW set up. I was surprised to see that his gear was a little on the amatuerish side. My jaw dropped during the Global Options tutorial when I saw his turtle beach soundcard and then later on I got a glimpse of all the icons and background services on his desktop, game icons, etc. (No kidding) Why isn't his Windows XP tweaked for audio recording? I was a little concerned at first but you get over it pretty soon. He is entertaining with a dry sense of humor, ...."..it feels like it is starting to get cold in here because.... we are going to.... FREEEZE the track..." A productive, rewarding way to use your procrastination time and in the end I learned some neat stuff to boot.

    On the other hand, STAY AWAY from Digital Music Doctor!!


    Don't be fooled by the title like I was. If this is a doctor then I am a lawyer (wait I am a lawyer). This is pure Eckkk!!! Despite the sexy woman's voice, the lessons are dry as all hell and it doesn't go in-depth with any practical solutions. It is almost as if the voice over was reading straight out of the pages of the Sonar 5 manual! And to make it worse, the voice over is not even correctly synched to the video, sometimes lagging 10 seconds behind the jagged mouse pointer, much like the mouth voice overs in the old Godzilla movies. (Mouth moves up and down 20 times then 10 seconds later you hear the American voice screaming, "Look -- Godzilla!!") The macromedia format is less than 5 frames per second - worse than a live webcam on ifriends hosted by someone with a 28k modem. Just Awful!!! And the tutorial project examples? WORSE THAN AWFUL!! My old Casio CZ 3000 (The 'Sleazy CZ' as my old high school band friends called it) had better sounds. Digital Music Doctor didn't even have the courtesy to use decent sample instruments so you get to hear sections of the Entertainer played back over and over using old 1995 midi GM sounds directly from the turtle beach sound card!! Cakewalk should be concerned because it makes their product look bad, as if it was created for the audience of people who are recording with ...., you guessed it... a Turtle Beach sound card.

    If you want to throw some money away, the cost for this garage sale junk is $19 to $30 (depending on whether you had previously ordered Sonar 4 tutorial) and you get a download which you get to keep forever. But who would want to? It contains about 2.5 hours of tortorous tutorials. I did listen to them all thinking it would improve as the lessons advanced. But I would rather sustain 2.5 hours of Chinese torture before listening to it all over again. ("LOOK... GODZILLA.... AHHHHH!!") It was so bad that I had to uninstall it then delete the cursed program from my hard drive because just looking at the shortcut on my desk top made me want to puke!! (I'm really not kidding it is that bad!)

    That all I have to say about Sonar 5 tutorials at this time. Now I must get back to writing my legal brief!!! (Which I would rather be doing than watching a Digital Music Doctor video! Now that, my friend, is very sad!)

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