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Topic: NI's KORE

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    NI's KORE

    Don't know if this has been mentioned here before, but I just got a press release from NI regarding their new integrated sound system, KORE:


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    Re: NI's KORE

    Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

    Great idea though.

    Ben H

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    Re: NI's KORE

    I'm jazzed about this one, too. Right up my alley.

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    Re: NI's KORE

    when was V-stack discontinued?

    it's never been easy to get (element5 online sales only) but unless there is something I don't know you still can purchase it:


    ... if you mean that the code is dead on the other hand you're right (but who cares).

    still one more simple host is always good news in my book.

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    Re: NI's KORE

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    I'm jazzed about this one, too. Right up my alley.
    yea, could be great for live use.

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    Smile Re: NI's KORE

    Different pics and description can be found HERE

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    Re: NI's KORE

    Exciting indeed, although limited to one manufacturer's take on the sounds.....I'm sure most needs would be satisfied however.

    Mercy me, just look at the list of stuff included with the (related) Komplete 3 too: -

    NI KOMPLETE 3 includes the following instruments:
    • REAKTOR 5 - fully modular sound design studio
    • ABSYNTH 3 - synthesizer with unrivalled sonic potential
    • GUITAR RIG 2 Software* - guitar amps, cabinets and effects emulation
    • KONTAKT 2 - the ultimate next-generation sampler
    • BATTERY 2 - the pioneering drum sample expert
    • ELEKTRIK PIANO - four legendary electric stage pianos
    • INTAKT - versatile loop sampler and beat slicer
    • KOMPAKT - streamlined sampler with over 200 instruments
    • B4 II* - the award-winning tonewheel organ emulation
    • FM7 - radically expanded FM synthesizer
    • PRO-53 - the perfect emulation of an analog synth classic
    • VOKATOR - the new dimension in vocoding
    • NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY - unique FFT-based delay effect
    Q1 How long would it take to be able to find and audition all the sounds?
    Q2 How long would it take to be able to learn how to use each intrument parameter effectively?, and finally
    Q3 How much time have you got left?

    Answers, please, on your death certificate..........


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    Re: NI's KORE

    I'm confused. Is KORE just a s/w based host with a nice h/w interface or does it actually host the VSTs on the h/w as well - to reduce processing power on your host PC/MAC?

    Anyone who's seen it at NAMM please can you let everyone know?


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    Re: NI's KORE

    this is great news - perhaps we'll finally get a cpu efficient app for running multiple instances of K2 - vstack is servicable, BUT it doensn't speak MIDI clock - I'm sure NI will put this in Kore, given how many of their plugs track tempo - it make the poss of hosting a few VIs that track tempo info on a seperate computer from our main sequencer - pretty cool.

    Did anybody see it at Namm??

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    Re: NI's KORE

    Last year in a thread about VST hosts I said:

    "I'm really surprised that a company like Native Instruments doesn't come out with a VSTi host. I would imagine if a company like that came forward and made a good looking, easy to use, VSTi host with a Rack-like interface they could sell a ton of copies."

    I'm glad they were listening!

    I just hope that NI takes their time and releases this when it is stable and with no major bugs. I was bitten by GuitarRig 2. I bought it when first came out, in early Dec. and it was completely unusable on a Mac. The drivers for the RigKontroller simply didn't work. They released new drivers and update last week that have ironed out most of the bugs but the RigKontroller still won't write automation!

    It happens far too often that software companies announce a new product with great hype, release it too soon and have paying customers beta test their product for them. Hopefully, this won't be the case with Kore.

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