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Topic: Jazz Cue for Violin

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    Jazz Cue for Violin

    Here's a piece for violin, viola, cello (as bass) and drums. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think It's all over in the blink of an eye.

    I'm sure you'll recognize the samples.

    Jazz Cue for Violin


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    Man! This is smokin'!
    I can't tell what libraries you used - it sounds real to me.
    This is my kinda thing - more please!

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    Thumbs up Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    Original stuff... great work!! I'd like to the know samples as I'm not too versed in all the libs. Thanks!

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    What an interesting cue!!! I liked the whole feel of it.
    No idea what the Libs are though.
    Good Stuff.

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    cool! Let's see.....Garritan Stradivari...Garritan drums... and maybe VSL for the cello or all Garritan? Also, it seems as though the drums are brushes yet I hear the ride cymbal is either rods or sticks. That and the ride continuing through fills make the drums slightly less believable. I must say I had to listen hard through phones and I'm not quite sure about that so forgive me if I'm mistaken. Also, it's not quite swinging -slightly "midi" stiff.However the drum programmimg is outstanding overall as is the whole piece. It makes for a great cue=conjures up urban scenarios for me. Overall inspiring for me.

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    Thanks Brian. Thanks Matt. Thanks Joaz.

    Thanks Artsoundz.

    No. Neither Garritan nor VSL. The strings are from the same library. The brush kit is a Sonic Implants drum kit.

    Good ears! Your right about the brushes. Ordinarily they can't provide a very discrete or crisp ride pattern--unless perhaps they are a pair of Blasticks which are much stiffer--sort of between a brush and a stick--but I don't think that's what they used in the sampling of the kit. The ride pattern is flat at points, just riding the tempo and then playing a little before the beat. No quantizing--just my own stiff playing.

    Process of elimination: How many libraries are there?

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    Doh! Hmmm strings.....Have'nt a clue
    I do the same w/ rides. Regardless if it's"legal" playing I sometimes could care less if the ride is still going-it ultimately sounds good. Same with integrating sticks on cymbals w/ brushes. It just sounds good.ya know? Besides- clients could never tell anyway. Are the strings Kirk Hunter?

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    That's another string library you've eliminated.

    I think I could do this piece with the KH strings, but it sounded nice with these samples.

    What other candidates are there? The field is narrowing...

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    Platinum XP Pro close mic samples.

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    Re: Jazz Cue for Violin

    You're right on the button.

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