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Topic: Controller CC-1 confusion

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    Controller CC-1 confusion

    I was lucky enough to go the the NAMM and meet Gary and Tom and Jim. Tom was really helpful with a bunch of dumb questions, mainly about Sonar, not, maybe, JABB.

    I write in GUI in Sonar. I have a keyboard, but rarely use it, so setting the volume was a problem until I understood enough to put a CC-1 message at the beginning of every MIDI track. I generally use the value 50.

    The problem is, when I reset volume by inserting another CC-1 value, it does not effect the volume.... that is... the track plays at the volume set at the first beat with the controller insert, no matter what I do.

    Both Jim and Tom told me I could go to piano roll view and "paint" the controller values. Which I tried as soon as I got home tonight, and no luck. The volume change values stay there after a save.. but they do not effect instrument volume as the piece plays.

    So, what-a-I-do? Is this a setting in Sonar or an issue with the JABB plug-in?



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    Re: Controller CC-1 confusion

    There are several things about your situation that are unclear. But here's a short list of things to consider. I also write in SONAR, often without using a keyboard:

    1. In SONAR make sure that you have assigned the output midi channel. If you leave the midi channel set to "None" (which you may do to good effect under certain circumstances), the channel information, and therefore the "target" GPO player slot, is determined by each midi event's channel information. It's possible to have events in a single track that are encoded with any of the 16 possible midi channels.

    Make sure also that you are actually drawing CC#1's. Take a look at the event list to verify it.

    2. If the instrument is a percussive instrument--piano, drums, etc--velocity, not mod (CC#1), controls the volume.

    There is quite a bit of confusion about "volume" in GPO. The basics are:
    a. GPO does respond to CC#7 (volume) and CC#10 (pan) if you select this option on the GPO player "Options" panel. The volume and pan of the GPO instruments are set at default values. Some users leave these unchanged. Others turn on the above mentioned option and control the volume and pan with their sequencers. Some just tweak the knobs on the player. Your choice.

    b. CC#1, while often referred to as volume, is more. It also affects the timbre. But if you have the volume--via CC#7 or on the player--set too low, no amount of CC#1 is going to overcome the volume deficit.

    c. As mentioned above, velocity controls the volume of percussive instruments. But again, the volume--via CC#7 or on the player--must be set to a reasonable level.

    3. I have found that if you're writing directly in SONAR, its best to turn off the "Zero controllers When Play Stops" option on the "Midi Out" tab on "Options | Project" window. Otherwise, when you hit stop after playing, all controllers are zeroed. Clicking on a note and scrubbing in the piano roll or staff view will be almost inaudible.

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    Re: Controller CC-1 confusion

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks. I wasn't drawing CC#1s in piano roll. I'm now able to control instrument volume.

    Thanks again for your tutorial on CC#7-volume, CC#10 pan, etc. GPO is confusing, but I'm making progress and I'm very happy to have better jazz player type sounds

    Bill L.

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