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Topic: OT Mac Ram Question: Difference betweeen manafacturers?

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    OT Mac Ram Question: Difference betweeen manafacturers?

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to post an off topic RAM question, but I couldn't find a straight answer at other forums (maybe because one doesnt exist?)

    All this NAMM talk got me thinking about RAM, and I'm now looking to add 2GB to my Dual 2.5 G5. I was wondering if there is a real difference in quality, speed, etc between the different RAM types and manufacturers, particularly in regards to loading and running samples.

    Is there really any difference in quality between the different RAM manufacturers, or is it mainly a difference in price? I'm currently searching OWC and am finding big difference in price at least.

    Also, we have already installed 3rd party ram in the machine (dont know off the top of my head which manufacture). Can installing multiple RAM chips from different manufacturers potentially cause conflicts; i.e. should I just go with the manufacturer thats already in our G5? Also, does filling the empty ram slots do anything for performance?

    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. It is much appreciated!

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    Re: OT Mac Ram Question: Difference betweeen manafacturers?

    I have experienced some problems with lower priced RAM. I have had to send several back for exchange or refund. If you do buy lower price RAM be sure that there is a good warranty and/or return policy.

    If you have programs whith copy protection based on system ID (NI, Sibelius, etc.) this makes the additional problem of needing to re-register each product - probably twice. Once to use it while the RAM is in transit and once more when the new RAM arrives. I have had no problems at all with RAM I have bought from Apple.

    It is fine to mix and match RAM manufacturers. Just remember they need to be installed in matched pairs on the G5.

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    Re: OT Mac Ram Question: Difference betweeen manafacturers?

    Another very reputable and reasonably priced site is www.crucial.com.

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    Re: OT Mac Ram Question: Difference betweeen manafacturers?

    My theory is that it makes no difference what the brand is, since it's all made in the same factories that cost billions to set up. The main thing is that you get the right RAM with the right guarantee from a vendor who will take it back if it doesn't work in your machine.

    And I too have been happy with 18004memory.com - both with the RAM and the price ($90 a gig last time I bought RAM, which was for my G5).

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