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Topic: Air horn samples?

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    Air horn samples?

    I'm looking for an air horn sample for a commercial I am working on, you know, the sort they use at football matches, usually a small red trumpet like thing attached to a high pressure air cannister with a trigger. Any ideas where I can get hold of one (sample that is) before Monday's deadline? Failing that, any idea where I can buy one and I'll sample it myself!

    Many thanks!
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    Cool Re: Air horn samples?

    Go here...

    Do a search for Air Horn. There are 4 or so on about the 3rd page of the list.
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    Re: Air horn samples?

    Try searching here with "air horn" - http://www.findsounds.com/

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    Re: Air horn samples?

    Brilliant - thanks guys! Found some good ones on the findsounds.com site.

    Much appreciated!

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